Thursday, December 24, 2020

The cast and crew of the Paulding Light Movie


THE PAULDING LIGHT Wins The People's Choice Award at the first annual Mayville Film Festival.

Jamie Schubring receives a nomination for Best Supporting Actress!

Produced, Written and Directed By
Robert Wiegert 

The Cast
Brian Parsons..........Brian Woods
Tony Sagan..........Anthony Sattler
Jamie Welles..........Jamie Schubring
David Bell..........David Woods
Randy Fox..........Himself
Tony's Mom..........Laurie Wiegert
Young Tony..........Evan Wiegert
Narration..........Brian Woods

Original Music
Robert Wiegert 

Title Song "Joliev"
Written and Performed by
Robert Wiegert Sr. 

"Falling Down"
Written and Performed by
Bastard Sun 

Cinematography By
Robert Wiegert
David Woods 

Editing By
Robert Wiegert 

Other Cast/Crew
Marni Woods
Luay Ahmad
Jonathon Wiegert
Brian Nehring
Scott Siegrist
Eric Schmidt


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  3. Thanks for introducing them to us. Pretty sure they are so good.


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