Thursday, November 24, 2011

Actual footage of the Paulding Light


  1. it is extremely important that people become aware that a recent event occurred at the arch of st louis...missouri...this fact and the similarity of the light source leads me to assume there is a method and accessing compiling of data for ET ship computers. the paulding light i have maintained was set up long ago by ET for when it was mining copper out of the great lakes region, those sites are forbidden to be examined by any one by theUS Govt national park service... this new event at the arch is very troubling. if you recall the cute ufo invasion movie there was a synchronizing central event to the invasion and this was different of course in the movie from what may be here psrt of the real deal. I due think some engineers with the equipment can record the light over the arch and the same type of light at paulding mich to see if the signals are of the same type of tech and signal characteristics....i am derrufo konepke. google plus has my material and they are owned by google inc an ally of obama govt...i am censored from the public thru lib controlled internet. such is Life.

  2. Interesting... Where was this shot?

    1. This particular video was shot outside the community of Paulding which is located in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

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